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Coffee Sprudgecast: The One With A Lot Of Beverages

Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen return for another spirited episode of the Coffee Sprudgecast. Several beverages were prepared for this episode—including fresh offerings from Madcap Coffee, Greater Goods Coffee Co., PERC Coffee, and Rishi Tea. That’s a lot of buzz for one session.

Listen to the complete episode right here:

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Read more about the subjects discussed in the show notes below.

The first coffee tasted at the top of the show—brewed with the OXO 8-Cup automatic drip coffeemaker. The hosts were delighted by its balance and soft-touch.

About a decade ago, mysterious coffee trees were discovered on the Rodriguez family farm — the same producers as El Porvenir and Pacamara La Gloria. The origin was unknown, but after recent genetic testing, these naturally mutating trees were discovered to be a combination of an unknown Ethiopian Landrace and the world-famous Bourbon. Over the years, the Rodriguez family has planted many seedlings of these trees. Though it remains a mystery how this unique variety came to grow in Apaneca, the fruit from these trees is twice as dense, much larger, and contains up to ten times more juice than its neighboring varieties. This year, we are excited to offer Elefante processed two ways. This Elefante is depulped and dry fermented for 24 hours, then washed, and finally patio dried for 10-15 days.

This coffee offers unique notes of honeysuckle, pomelo, and vanilla. Elefante is a rare opportunity to enjoy coffee from the old vines that brought us this new and exciting flavor over the years.

Second coffee tasted on the episode—brewed with a Kalita Wave dripper—had notes of pleasant, easy-going, no-drama coffee.

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Get inspired and spark joy with this silky smooth single-origin coffee from Mexico! The unmistakable aroma of sweet, caramelized almonds will wake your taste buds to a vibrant candied apricot acidity and a satisfying ganache-like richness. Grown by the legendary Mayan Harvest group, Spark will ignite your senses and get your creative side firing on all cylinders.

As a little palate-tickler, the hosts whipped up a 1:1 Rishi Tea London Fog with Pacific Barista Series Oat Milk over ice. Bergamot city!

The basis for an Earl Grey tea latte, London Fog concentrate features bold black teas from the subtropical jungles of Southeast Asia with the uplifting floral aroma of real bergamot juice from Calabria, Italy.

Michelman and Carlsen are both big fans of PERC’s exquisite execution of their holiday seasonal offering—delicious, playful, and, um, did we mention the Frost Gobbler?

The dreaded Frost Gobbler is here, chasing her favorite treat, gingerbread people. She’ll snatch the unlucky ginger folks up, tear them apart, and gobble them down with her terrible teeth. The last thing you’ll hear as she stomps out of town is her dreadful laugh, moohoohaha.

The roasting team has been in the workshop, tinkering away, mixing a little of this and a little of that. Now, the team has emerged with the perfect concoction. It’s smooth and sweet, with the perfect hint of roastiness to satisfy everyone in the family, even the grinchiest grinches and the scroogiest scrooges. Happy holidays y’all!

This episode of the Coffee Sprudgecast is sponsored by BaratzaPacific Barista Series, Ghirardelli, and Moccamaster.

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