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“Coffee Is a Family Tradition” Owners of 360F Specialty Coffee Roasters Aim to Please Local Coffee Aficionados – CoffeeTalk

Juan Calderon, co-owner of 360F Specialty Coffee Roasters, specializes in crafting coffee from the world’s best coffee regions. The coffee is not sold in large supermarkets but is sourced from fair trade-certified, “fincas” farmers in the equatorial zone called “The Bean Belt.” The shop, located in Coral Springs, caters to local coffee enthusiasts and small restaurant owners who enjoy coffee from Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya, and other countries along the equatorial zone.

Calderon and his staff roast the coffee almost daily to ensure fresh products. They educate customers about the origins of each bean, including the coffee plant’s variety, altitude, climate, and soil conditions, contributing to the unique flavor profiles. The couple hopes to travel the world and visit the farms producing coffee beans for their company.

Calderon and his wife Marcela Gomez, who grew up in Colombia, are passionate about coffee and believe they will enjoy working in the coffee business for the rest of their lives. The shop opened two years ago and has built a reputation among coffee aficionados who appreciate single-origin coffees and distinct characteristics from different coffee regions.

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