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Cisco partners drive innovation through Purpose

The innovative ways Cisco and our partners are coming together to power an inclusive future for all were on full display during this years’ Partner Summit.

Last year, we announced Partnering for Purpose, a new platform designed to make it easy for partners to leverage the work Cisco and our partners are doing to positively impact communities around the world and the planet.

This year, we were excited to introduce a new Partnering for Purpose category in our 6th annual global Partner Innovation Challenge. The new category awards $25K (USD) prizes to partners that best showcase how they are integrating innovation with purpose within four areas of focus:

  1.  Digital Inclusion
  2.  Employee Experience and Economic Empowerment
  3.  Climate Change and Environmental Stewardship
  4.  Crisis Response and Critical Human Needs

The winners of this year’s Partnering for Purpose category are:

Long View Systems, Canada  

Long View Systems, a Gold partner in Canada, developed a sustainable and intelligent buildings solutions utilizing machine learning.  The solution delivers continual improvement on commercial building management systems to provide even greater cost reductions, better user experience and improved environmental impact that can be metered and measured and utilized in the drive to achieve organizational ESG objectives.

KIW, Spain

KIW, one of our Environmental Sustainability Specialized partners in Spain, developed a comprehensive centralized, automated and real-time infrastructure management solution that will enable organisations have the data they need to make energy consumption analysis to achieve significant energy cost reductions and meet their zero emissions goals.

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Connect Professional Services, Egypt

Connect Professional Services, a systems integrator in Egypt, is expanding access to healthcare to remote areas and reimaging the patient experience in Middle East and North Africa. The solution includes digitization of health records and health systems and leveraging artificial intelligence for patient self-triage and symptom analysis.

LiteScape Technologies, United States  

LiteScape Technologies in the US, developed a solution that provides greater access to visitation rights in correctional facilities, reducing the burden of cost, time, distance and other restrictions in ensuring family members can stay connected despite the separation.  The visitation portal provides scale and the ability for officers to securely set up calls on demand as well as monitor several meetings at once on a single device.

These inspiring submissions not only highlight the ingenuity and innovative spirit of Cisco’s partners, but also show how doing good for the world is good for business.  This new category also helped to drive a 68% increase in partner submissions in this year’s competition, exemplifying the deep alignment between Cisco and our partners to achieve business goals while supporting and driving social and environmental transformation.

Congratulations to all this year’s winners. I am excited to see how our partners combine innovation with purpose for the Partnering for Purpose category in 2024.

Learn more about the Partner Innovation Challenge on SalesConnect and read the blog announcing the 2023 Partner Innovation Challenge winners.



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