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Brad Pitt, George Clooney, And Al Pacino

Hollywood stars used to shy away from being featured in adverts broadcast in the United States. It used to be perceived as an actor that was hard up for cash. But that has changed in the last few decades. Now stars like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Al Pacino are happy to lend their names and faces behind big brands, including coffee.

Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Al Pacino are all ambassadors for coffee brands. Brad Pitt represents DeLonghi, who recently released their TrueBrew machine, which is significantly cheaper than their Dinamica Plus. George Clooney represents Nespresso, and Al Pacino is the face of Vittoria.

Being a brand ambassador carries a different weight than simply sliding through an advert for a few bucks. It is supposed to mean that the person honestly uses the products and supports the corporate ethos. Of course, authenticity is hard to prove. But to George Clooney’s credit, he famously turned down an airline’s offer of 35 million dollars for a day’s work. So maybe there is more to it than money?

Brad Pitt’s Coffee Machine

best delonghi espresso machines

Brad Pitt was appointed the DeLonghi brand ambassador in 2021. One of the first commercials the Italian company released shows the famous actor riding his motorcycle to fetch some fresh coffee beans to use in his Dinamica Plus at home, retailing around 1,700 dollars on Amazon.

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He told PEOPLE he was attracted to the brand because “they have confidence in their product.” Furthermore, he also appreciated how the company “celebrate the artistry of their Italian heritage without over doing it.”

Brad Pitt’s TrueBrew Commerical for De’Longhi

In early 2023 DeLonghi made it clear that Brad Pitt is still committed to their brand. The latest commercial features the actor living a simple life to reflect their simpler, automatic drip coffee maker TrueBrew. The TrueBrew costs around 500 dollars, about a third of the Dinamica Plus.

The TrueBrew has five brew styles, vs. Dinamica Plus’ sixteen. Both machines include a grinder, but the more expensive one has thirteen settings. Nonetheless, TrueBrew can still produce hot or cold coffee and is much more straightforward to operate making it a much more accessible machine.

Does Brad Pitt Like Coffee?

It’s natural to wonder if actors will take money for anything, but Brad Pitt does like coffee. He described his caffeine habit to the NZ Herald as “serious, professional, committed.” So what does that translate to in actual numbers?

Apparently, quite a bit. He confessed to drinking at least three cappuccinos in the morning before switching to espresso in the afternoon.

George Clooney’s Coffee Maker Endorsement

nespresso essenza by breville review
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George Clooney’s side hustle as a coffee ambassador began well before Brad Pitt entered the game. Clooney has partnered with Nespresso since 2013 and started featuring in their adverts in 2006.

In one of his earliest adverts after the declared partnership, his luggage at the airport gets mixed up with a beautiful woman’s. She enjoys one of his decaf pods while waiting to swap back, where she uses devastating charm to dis his height. Viewers loved the man for being willing to poke fun at himself.

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George Clooney’s 2022 Nespresso Advert

George Clooney is still making comedic adverts for Nespresso. In late 2022, he was featured in his pajamas, sparing with Jean Dujardin over the final coffee pod. The pair eventually team up to nab a pod on the windowsill of Camille Cottin’s apartment below. The campaign ran under the hashtags #UnforgettableTaste and #HowFarWouldYouGoForANespressoCoffee.

George Clooney’s Coffee Pods

Nespresso sells around 14bn capsules yearly and states that George Clooney’s favorite is their Volluto. His work for the company has earned him an estimated 40 million dollars.

The pods are recyclable, but can’t be done at a standard station, so they must be returned to Nespresso. Consequently, more than half are estimated to end up in landfills. Nonetheless, the aluminum from the pods is used to help create intriguing products such as Caran D’Ache’s 849 ballpoint pen, Vélosophy’s RE:CYCLE bicycle, and contribute to Godfrey Dambuleni’s art.

George Clooney Nespresso Pods Fund A Satellite

George Clooney’s promotion of Nespresso Pods doesn’t seem to go towards personal gain. He told The Guardian in 2013 that the bulk of it goes towards funding a private satellite to monitor the border of North and South Sudan. Flash forward to 2020, and The Guardian, in a follow-up article, indicated the satellite was still up there.

George Clooney And Nespresso’s Made With Care

In 2021, George Clooney and Nespresso launched “Made With Care.” In adverts, they announced a commitment to become carbon neutral in 2022, give farmers a stable income, empower women, and more. They stated they were proving “good taste and good values can go hand in hand.”

Al Pacino Vittoria Coffee

Al Pacino has been Vittoria Coffee’s brand ambassador since 2010. It is claimed to be his first product endorsement. In his first series of adverts for the Australian single-origin brand, Pacino avoided using a script, aiming for an authentic touch. Thus, in the most famous advert of the series, he claims to know two things for certain, “I’m confident to say one is coffee.”

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The other?

Well, as he says in the advert, “I forget.”

Al Pacino Cappuccino “Dunkaccino”

Al Pacino has officially never promoted any coffee other than Vittoria. However, he is famous for the “Dunkaccino,” due to a bit in the 2011 Adam Sandler movie Jack and Jill. In the faux-advert, Al Pacino announces he’s changed his name to “Dunkaccino” and begins to rap about the new twist on a cappuccino.

In the film, Adam Sandler shows the clip to Pacino, who, after a pregnant pause, dryly says, “Burn this,” and adds, “This must never be seen by anyone.”

Instead, it becomes one of the most famous scenes of the entire film.

However, the Dunkaccino is not fictitious. It was launched in 2000 by Dunkin’ Donuts, combining coffee and chocolate flavors. Alas, to try the drink, you’ll have to travel back into history. Dunkin’ Donuts announced the coffee was being retired in March 2023.


Celebrities and their tastes often appear out of reach for average folks. But Hollywood stars Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Al Pacino are brand ambassadors for accessible coffee products. Well, if you overlook the Dinamica Plus and focus on the TrueBrew instead. However, as much as we appreciate the polish of their official adverts, we’ll always have a soft spot for Pacino rapping about Dunkaccino.


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