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Bazzara presents Trieste Coffee Experts on November 25th-26th

TRIESTE, Italy – Everything is ready for the sixth edition of the Trieste Coffee Experts, the biennial summit organised by Bazzara Caffè and that, on this weekend, will gather some of the main protagonists of the coffee sector to debate and identify the best strategies to face the challenges of the market.

Trieste Coffee Experts: the summit by Bazzara

The conference will take place in the “Emperor Room” at the Savoia Excelsior Palace – Starhotels Collection. From 1.30 to 7.30 p.m. on Saturday and from 9.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. on Sunday 80 professionals will debate on the topics well anticipated by the title of this edition “Future Coffee: sustainability and Innovation Oriented”, with sustainability protagonist of the first day and innovation of the second.

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The live streaming will give the opportunity to follow the event all over the world, being the summit an unmissable event for coffee lovers and a key moment for the entire coffee industry. It will be possible to follow the speeches both in Italian and English thanks to the simultaneous interpretation service on the website in the dedicated section.

Nowadays sustainability is key and it is of course also the focus of the research and development department of those forward-looking companies that want to create innovation, not only to be more competitive on a commercial level, but also to be able to create well-being for the entire ecosystem in which they are active, this way ensuring the grounds to look at the future with trust and serenity. The speeches, given by managers of companies which are leader in the sector, will give the opportunity to draw the future of coffee, a future made both of what is digital and the respect of new or lost values.

Many names of more than 50 companies which, ad diamond, ruby or emerald sponsors and media partners will be on the side of Bazzara Caffè to support this initiative.

They represent important realities in which the creation of the business value has always be present over time thanks to the common objectives or the participation in projects aiming at a shared result: being a team to celebrate the culture of coffee, symbol of Made in Italy. A value which reflects also on the entire organisation, through the sharing with every stakeholder. Being able to align the values, stimulating the sense of belonging in everyone involved, which is the idea of “Networking”, the main goal of Bazzara, is, indeed, one of the aims of the summit.

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Among the many important guests, some names are, Massimo Renda (Caffè Borbone), Rudi Albert (Alkaff), Michele Cannone (Lavazza) and Carlo Barbi (Clubhouse).

Going from Tamara Gómez Marín (General Consul for Costa Rica in Italy) with “Sustainable development in the coffee culture in Costa Rica”, to Riccardo Borsatti (Siemens) and Massimiliano Fabian (former ICO President) with “ICO action for a sustainable coffee world”. Going on with Thomas Zulian (Fairtrade Italia) with “Fairtrade answers to the challenges of the chain” and Eleonora Pirovano (International Women Coffee Alliance Italia) with “The empowerment of women in the coffee chain”.

Passing through Carlos Gonzales (Rancilio) with “The enhancement of espresso coffee through technology” and Marco Bortolussi (Pininfarina) with “Sustainability: the absolute must of design” connected to the topic of sustainable technology and innovation for roasting companies. Many speakers will, indeed, focus right on the current situation to look with greater trust at the future.

There will also be convivial moments during the event, from coffee breaks with the blend by Bazzara Dodicigrancrus which has just been awarded as Bests Selection Coffee at the Luxury Food&Beverage Quality Awards 2023, to the long-awaited lounge of Saturday night and many other surprises.  Click here for the complete program.

Sustainability is a pillar of the event, which is, indeed, certified neutral event. The company Up2You – start-up green tech and certified B.Corp – confirmed that the energy coming from the activities of the two-day event, included the transfers of the speakers and the entire range of the offered services, will be compensated through the package Biodiversity, an instrument which allow to compensate one’s emissions with certified projects focused on the protection of biodiversity.

Speaking of that, Bazzara Caffè confirms its long-term position in favour of sustainability projects which are in this case certified based on the primary international standard (Verified Carbon Standard).

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The company wants, indeed, to convert every company department to a virtuous management system which respects the highest standards and objectives in terms of sustainability.

These initiatives include the change of the company name in Benefit society, the many product certifications, such as, Rainforest and Fairtrade, and the new path started towards a plastic-free reality to contribute to the elimination of the environmental impact, together with the special mention gained by Bazzara as a regional virtuous reality 2021 as far as the environment is concerned.

We also remind that during the summit the prize “Coffee personality of the Year 2023” will be awarded, a prize designed by the brothers Bazzara in 2014 to fill the institutional gap, and which wants to thank and motivate more those who stand out in the industry of coffee, constantly contributing to its improvement. Moreover, also an elegant and rare recognition will be awarded: the reproduction of the “Dante Guarneriano”, one of the most ancient and unique collection codes of the “Inferno” by Dante Alighieri, realised between the end of ‘300 and the beginning of ‘400, enriched by miniatures possibly ascribable to Bartolomeo di Fruosino.

Bazzara thanks all the institutions and the media for the support, the sponsors as well for their paramount presence and all of the friend and coffee lovers who will take part in the event from faraway thanks to the live streaming. This link can be used for the live on Saturday from 2 p.m. to 6.15 p.m. and on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 1.15 p.m.

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