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An Afternoon at the Popular Chinese Coffee Chain That Should Be Making Starbucks Very, Very Nervous – CoffeeTalk

Starbucks, a global coffee chain, has recently overtaken its Chinese counterpart in sales in the second quarter of 2023. Luckin Coffee, founded in 2017, has staged a dramatic turn-around after filing for bankruptcy in the US in 2021 due to an accounting fraud scandal. The company now has over 13,000 branches, with most of them in China. Singapore marks Luckin’s first international expansion outside of China, with the first cafes opening in the city-state in March.

Ordering at Luckin Coffee is machine-like, technical, efficient, and impersonal. The app has an average of 2.5 out of 5 stars on the Google Play store for Singapore, based on just over 100 reviews. Customers have mixed reactions to the ordering system, with some finding it annoying and others not sold on it. Some customers love the cashier-less experience, while others find it annoying.

Luckin Coffee offers a variety of flavors, including matcha and coconut, as well as unique ones like “Big Cheese” and coffee-tea combo-drinks. However, many customers do not consider Luckin a competitor to Starbucks due to its higher cost. The variety of flavors at Luckin is more extensive than what Starbucks offers, and many customers believe that the deals are what draw them to the chain. Luckin Coffee has gained popularity in China, but its customer base is still largely dependent on its app and the availability of deals.

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