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A Caffeine-Fueled Playlist For Your Next Brew

Coffee culture has a timeless appeal. Music and coffee are stimulants that allow us to claim back our day, five minutes at a time. Listening songs about coffee celebrate moments of quiet solitude yet act as communion among friends and partners.

Coffee and music occupy a vital space in our collective consciousness and human memory. It’s an inevitable combination. Many musicians have drawn inspiration from coffee- its deep, dark, and bitter notes, with chocolate, caramel hints. Coffee’s energizing effect is frequently detailed.

The impact of coffee and music enriches countless lives daily. Also, both express our values, desires, and creative pursuits across various artistic eras. So, the next time you brew your favorite bitter-sweet mug of joe, try a few of these time-tested tracks.

Songs About Coffee For Your Next Brew

songs about coffee

This list is a compilation of classic, contemporary, and current coffee-centered music. Coffee is universally enjoyed. Musicians recognize the shared appeal of coffee and communicate it with a beat, jazz, laidback blues, hard rock, and caffeine-laced lyrics.

The psychoactive properties in coffee have made this dark ebony brew the most widely drunk legal drug. Yet, there is a rebellion in a stiff foreboding drink of deep, aromatic black. Add a little cream, and the melody is sweeter sunrise.

Classic Coffee-Inspired Tunes

An expressive love for coffee has been around for some time. Sebastian Bach wrote Coffee Cantata, distinct from his many church-inspired overtures. Bach wrote a light-hearted comic opera titled Schweigt Stille, Plaudert Nicht, or Be Still, Stop Chattering. It’s a humorous testament to the adverse effects of too much caffeine and an ageless love for coffee.

Throughout the 40s, 50s, and 60s, musical legends like the Ink Spots, Ella Fitzgerald, Bob Dylan, and later Prince all include coffee-inspired songs in their work. The distinct sleek qualities of coffee seem synonymous with those desirable characteristics that describe a classic hit.

“Black Coffee” By Ella Fitzgerald

The haunting tones of Black Coffee, sung by Ella Fitzgerald, take listeners into the deep longing of a restless night. A cup of black coffee is her single companion to help her wait out those tired hours. This song illustrates how a single brew significantly contributes to any conversation- even the shadowed walls.

The are other versions of this song, which are equally seductive and addictive. Sarah Vaughan recorded the first rendition in 1949. Her voice soars and reaches higher, purer notes than Fitzgerald’s.

However, the underlying gritty yet nuanced account portrayed by Fitzgerald keeps listeners interested and invested in her personal story.

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Peggy Lee recorded the song in 1953 and produced it on her record Black Coffee. This sultry song captures the aromas and mood enjoyed by a cup of coffee. Each of the three starlets mesmerizes listeners with a soulful, sexy melody of an evening spent with black coffee.

“One More Cup Of Coffee” By Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan’s intro in One More Cup of Coffee has striking, protesting violin notes, characteristic of a Dylan number. This song is bitter-sweet in its nostalgic melancholia. Dylan sings a saga of two lovers. He captures a mournful mood of one last call for a coffee shared between them.

Various instruments’ many harmonic beats and tunes speak to a high-quality roast’s full coffee flavor profile.  

Wistful and poignant with full-bodied story-telling, One More Cup of Coffee details an unwillingness to depart from a beloved one. Poetry wrought in obscure riddles like a dark blend of rich black brew, one more cup of coffee will sustain you on the epic journey of narrator and lover.

“The Coffee Song” By Frank Sinatra

The Coffee Song by Frank Sinatra is a jazzy fun tune that light-heartedly heckles the Brazilian coffee-drinking culture. Under three minutes long and a witty play of rhyming couplets falling at the end of each sentence, The Coffee Song is a memorable way to make and enjoy your brew.

“Java Jive” By The Ink Spots

Java Jive, by The Ink Spots, is a coffee classic that simply and sweetly states the obvious. I like coffee, don’t we all? To think, coffee drove the lyrics of this song and became a legend. The best feature of this song is its innocent bubbliness.

Considered coffee’s primary anthem, Java Jive is a salute to a collective love for coffee and has seen many versions since the Ink Spot’s rise to #17 on the record charts in 1940. This lively tune carries the sophistication of a classic yet retains the merriness intended by writers Ben Oakland and Milton Drake.

The Java Jive captures the momentum of the coffee market with slang references of the time. For example, the line – “Whoops, Mr. Moto, I’m a coffee pot” – refers to a character, Mr. Moto, a Japanese detective played by Peter Lorre. This time-tested tune is relatable and fun.

“Starfish And Coffee” By Prince

Starfish and Coffee by Prince recall the eccentricities of real-life person Cynthia Rose. Prince’s fiancé Susannah Melvoin attended school with Cynthia Rose when the girls were twelve. Rose had a unique and memorable way about her.

Her idiosyncrasies included wearing two different colored socks and always remaining at the back of the line. When asked what she had for breakfast, she’d say- “starfish and pee pee.” Prince reworked the lyrics to Starfish and Coffee.

The psychedelic funk beats that direct the song capture the wide-eyed awe of an awkward yet appealing way to approach life. Feasting on starfish, coffee, and butterscotch clouds is a relish of daytime fantasy and joyful expectation.

The song relates to how coffee is a decadent dark treat that can carry you through the morning. Also, a cup of coffee is something to look forward to. Starfish and Coffee promise that any situation can be turned around with the right attitude.  

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Modern Coffee-Inspired Jams

listening songs about coffee

The modern coffee-inspired tunes relay the tempo of contemporary life. These songs are an eclectic mix of rap, rock, pop, electric funk, and contemporary rhythm and blues. They’re relatable and engaging for all members of society.

“Coffee” By Miguel Ft. Wale

The smooth, sexy vibe of Coffee by Miguel and Wale has erotic lyrics teasing its listeners and is a treat for any time, day or night. Miguel’s rich voice carries the song’s enticing beat that stirs daydreams over coffee and cream. Wale does a fine job introducing a sharp edge to this sensual hit.

Brave and intimate, Miguel details his desires and engages honestly with a receptive audience. Coffee is frequently associated with the more unspoken of life’s pleasures, and Miguel caresses us with honeyed lush vocals. Likewise, Wale’s bold deeper (coffee-inspired) notes transport the track.

“Coffee Blues” By Lightnin’ Hopkins

Lightnin’ Hopkins’ illustrious guitar plucking resonates Coffee Blues across the rock and roll stratosphere. The blues influence is apparent in the rich country sing-song retelling of coffee’s vital role in Hopkins’ household growing up. Resonating with nostalgia, Coffee Blues is a gold-label treat.

“Caffeine” By Jeff Williams Ft. Casey Lee Williams

The fast rock of Caffeine by Jeff Williams and Casey Lee Williams embodies the exhilarating ride of one too many cups of coffee. With a wicked sense of humor, Caffeine uses imaginative, pumped-up lyrics to convey coffee’s psychoactive, delightful character.

Indie Coffeehouse Vibes

Indie denotes a group of musicians that belong to small, independent record labels. This allows them more creative freedom and expressive music choices.

“Coffee” By Sylvan Esso

Coffee by Sylvan Esso is a funky mix of electric pop vibes and experimental sound play. The pleasing soft voice of Amelia Meath lands delicately among the odd stirrings of warped instrumentals. Tiny crystal-like effects light across the tune, suggesting a fae gathering of coffee delight.

“Coffee And TV” By Blur

Coffee and TV by Blur speaks to a trouble-free promise that a cup of joe fulfills. What more is there than small moments of coffee and TV? This 90s hit spoke to an addicted-driven generation learning to assuage destructive desires for a simpler, safer lifestyle.

The singer hits high, seemingly deceptive notes, which call to mind Radiohead’s High and Dry. Each high-note calls from a place almost out of reach, like a distant promise for a better life. The music video has an animated milk carton searching for one of the band members.

Its portrayal of an innocent longing for a lost family member is heartfelt and necessary.  

“Coffee Girl” By The Tragically Hip

The five-piece rock band Tragically Hip gave Coffee Girl a laid-back, folksy harmony. Coffee Girl’s catchy melody and discerning lyrics embrace listeners. The song ushers in a golden autumn afternoon sensory experience- better served with one’s favorite aromatic coffee brew.

Coffee Girl has a companionable vibe and is ideal for those searching for quiet stillness with a favored friend.

Upbeat Coffeehouse Pop

Coffeehouse pop is a relatively recent music genre. It’s characterized by communal, pleasant sensations offered to coffeehouse patrons. The goal of coffeehouse pop is to appeal to and uplift listeners. It allows a sense of reprieve from the day’s hassles.

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“Riptide” By Vance Joy

Riptide is a soulful, merry song that expresses a young man’s anxiety about his surrounding world. Vance Joy relates his youth-driven desires, wishes, joys, and fears with a clear acoustic backdrop and timely beat. However, the boyish tune takes a sudden dark turn and enthralls listeners with gothic lyrics while maintaining an upbeat sing-song melody.

Like a full-bodied, medium-roast coffee brew, Riptide expresses nuanced feelings and suggestive honeyed notes. It conveys complex sensations and an overwhelming ride- fun and fantastic but also unnerving. A delightful treat celebrated best with a cup of coffee in the evening’s transition to night.

“Hey, Soul Sister” By Train

Train’s award-winning song Hey, Soul Sister is inspiring and transports listeners to a new morning where love and happiness are possible. The title Hey, Soul Sister has a universal appeal and speaks to all shapes and sizes. It hints at the beauty within us all and a promised companion on the horizon.

“You’re Beautiful” By James Blunt

The musical quality of James Blunt’s You’re Beautiful is apparent in his high notes and longing tunes. It’s a great song to accompany a cup of coffee as it embodies a sense of solitude without loneliness. It provokes quiet, contemplative feelings and sweet melancholy. The constant repetition of You’re Beautiful is a firm assertion of the inherent merits that we all possess.

“Perfect” By Ed Sheeran

Perfect by Ed Sheeran captures a moment that is innocent, happy, and pure. Over several minutes it moves listeners across a beloved union and how that partnership transforms and grows over the years. All the while, simple, precious moments make up a lifetime of priceless memories. It’s an encouraging song that advocates true love.  

Quirky Coffeehouse Tunes

Every one of us has an eccentric side. Sometimes the best songs find that peculiar part of ourselves and remind us not to take life too seriously. Quirky Coffeehouse tunes are filled with classic fast-moving tempos that keep things fresh.

“The Coffee Cola Song” By Francis Bebey

The Coffee Cola Song is a charming tune borne on wind instruments. It’s a critical reflection of the class and wealth divisions of high society and the disenfranchised town’s folk. Bebey reconciles the societal schism with simple lyrics and a playful melody. Coffee and cola are drunk by those who embrace the fullness of life, those whose only option is to survive and not thrive.

“Coffee And Wine” By Chadwick Stokes

The acoustic guitar in Coffee and Wine by Chadwick Stoke is a warm rendition that details a love affair between two very different people. Coffee and wine are the single things uniting them other than their affection for each other. Relatable and intimate, this song is best enjoyed with a friend- enjoying either coffee or wine.

“Coffee Mug” By Descendants

The rapid-paced Coffee Mug by the Descendants is a fun, vibrant account of the caffeine reliance of the band members. The song pours out in under forty seconds and instantly sums up the vast wonders of coffee.

“Coffee Shop” By Yung Joc

Saving the best for last, Coffee Shop by Yung Joc featuring Gorilla Joe is a spirited, entertaining track that skillfully combines coffee with street life. Mischievous yet innocuous, this song is the ideal pick-me-up for a not-too-serious day. It’s a great reminder to keep things light-hearted.


Coffee and music have a special relationship. There is momentum in both melody and a cup of joe. Also, coffee and music have a universal quality, which unites and harmonizes people. Each is responsible for assisting the creative process. Individuals and the community celebrate treasured moments with a love of music and coffee.


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