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5 People Whose Homes Highlight the Art of the Mix in Interior Design | Wit & Delight

The June theme on Wit & Delight is all about the art of the mix in interior design. I wanted to pull together a list of people whose homes highlight the art of the mix—all in their own unique way.

These people are no strangers to mixing different interior design styles and elements. There’s so much we can learn from each of their individual design approaches.

Here are five homes I love that highlight the art of the mix…

1. Carley Summers (shown above)

I’ve always loved how Carley mixes old-world elements with a cool, coastal vibe that never feels too on-the-nose or singular in style. It’s classic and approachable and elegant all at once.

P.S. I highly recommend checking out Carley’s gorgeous new design book, Sacred Spaces.

2. Sophie Ashby

Sophie’s design studio, Studio Ashby, is one that continues to push the envelope when it comes to mixing different styles and elements together. This emphasis on the mix is showcased in her home too. Here, there’s a big emphasis on highlighting pieces of art in each room, which served as the inspiration for the colorful pieces of furniture and decor. There’s a mix of antique and bespoke furniture, patterns, colors, and rich textures all throughout the home. This gorgeous house is a feast for the senses.

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3. Darryl Carter

Darryl’s interior design style is based on turning traditional design on its head. Think using the backside of the upholstery fabric or stripping back color and pattern so you’re left with only the most minimal form of a traditional chair. I love the subtlety in his designs! His home showcases his signature interior design style and is filled with personal touches.

Darryl has two beautiful design books available: The New Traditional and The Collected Home.

4. Sara Charlesworth – Chalk White Arrow

Sara has such a cool design style! I love her approach to color and how she uses form and movement to create interesting vignettes. The same items always feel fresh, and you can tell she is constantly playing around with new arrangements in her home. It’s such a nice way to continue to tweak and update your home without doing a total makeover! 

5. Gwen Hefner – The Makerista

Gwen’s interior design style leans mostly traditional—with a bit of a modern twist. She often mixes in modern elements like lighting, which I think makes her approach so fresh. And of course, all of her thrift and antique finds make her designs a unique mix that no one can replicate exactly. 

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