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5 Gift Ideas For A Baby

Gifting is a great way to bond with people, babies not excluded. The act of giving sparks a connection between you and the kids. They feel valued and a part of your world. When you enhance this sense of connection, they are happier and more comfortable around you. Just like you get the feel-good hormone when you receive gifts, babies also feel the same. To achieve this, you need to carefully select the gifts that make an impact in their lives. Here are 5 gift ideas for a baby:

1. Crayola Activity Board

Babies love to experiment with colours and shapes. The Crayola board is full of activities and illuminates the artwork for kids to see their progress. With transparency sheets that can be layered up, babies can come up with different designs.

Besides the activity board, the gift set includes markers and shape clings to facilitate easy drawing. You can sit with them and help them draw familiar things such as the family, the house, or even nature. It is ideal for babies above three years.

2. Lego

Lego is among the oldest gift ideas for babies and adults that has remained consistent for more than eight decades. Besides being a fun toy for adults, it is also perfect for babies. They are versatile, have educational benefits, and foster creativity in children. You can get them in the characters that the baby loves most, including Disney and Mickey.

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Together with the children, you can build them, break them, and rebuild them with endless possibilities. These Lego bricks are a learning toy that grows with the baby as they grow. Their versatility makes them suitable for babies above two years.

3. Construction Toys

Construction play toys for babies are the best way to promote problem-solving skills. Whether you get stacking blocks or creating towers, the building sets offer open-ended solutions. You can create different items as long as they replicate what the babies know. This way, they grow their mental capacity.

Depending on preference, you can get the ones that are colour-coded, as it makes it easier for the babies to follow instructions. Since it requires a lot of concentration and imagination, it is best suited for babies aged four and above.

4. Scooter Or Bike

A bike or scooter is such as great gift to develop your baby’s cognitive and physical skills. Scooters spark a huge interest in cycling. Once they balance on the scooter, you can proceed to get them age-appropriate bikes. Besides enhancing their physical skills, biking also helps the babies get off their devices and go outside.

5. Animal Name Puzzle

The animal name puzzle brings in a modern twist on the retro toys. You can have it personalised with their name so they can relate better to the gift. Most of them are made from wood and finished using water-based ink, thus very safe for you. Since it majorly promotes language development, it is ideal for babies between one to three years.

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Thoughtfulness is everything when it comes to gifting. Whether you are gifting a two-year-old or a four-year-old, you must know what they really like and adhere to them. If you have seen them colouring, then a Crayola activity board will be perfect for them. On the other hand, if they are of age and have shown interest in biking or scooting through nature, get them a scooter or bike.

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